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Foot Reflexology

History has pointed to the health benefits of applying pressure to specific areas of the feet for centuries. Chinese, Indian and Egyptian cultures have practised this art for thousands of years. The oldest documentation supporting this type of therapy was found on Egyptian papyrus in 2500 B.C., depicting medical practitioners treating the feet of individuals.

There are over 7000 neural reflexes along the soles of one's feet. Each of these neural reflexes are directly connected (and reflexed) with specific corresponding areas (tissues / glands / organs and regions) of the body. Through proper pressure-point activation along the soles of one's feet, Reflexology accesses and stimulates various body systems. Reflexology provides a scan of the body's nervous system, highlighting areas in the body lacking in adequate neural stimulation and areas suffering from excess neural stimulation. Through proper neural input, better balance, communication and integration between the body and the brain thus ensues.

Enhanced neural activation...

  • clears blockages in the nervous system
  • increases blood flow to all areas stimulated
  • helps re-establish balance, normalize metabolisms and encourage homeostasis in the body
  • optimizes tissue function

Reflexology is known to...

  • relieve stress in the human body
  • renew one's energy
  • reduce or eliminate physical pain
  • enhance mental clarity and focus
  • strengthen one's immunity
  • induce natural cleansing of the body

Reflexology ...

  • is for people of all ages
  • provides a general tune-up for the human body through enhanced neural stimulation
  • compliments all holistic therapies
  • can be used to encourage healing as initiated through other therapies


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