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Get Well Policy
If you fail to see improvement in any aspect of your case, following your first follow-up visit, I will not charge you for any subsequent visits or remedies until improvement is noted.
See us for details.


Referral Policy
Any patient that kindly refers another individual to me, will themselves receive (in thanks) a value of $ 50.00 in products and/or services.
See us for details.


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Many services offered by Homeopathy of London are now covered by many extended health care plans including:

  • Blue Cross
  • Desjardin Financial
  • Green Shields
  • Liberty Health
  • Maritime Life
  • Sunlife

If you have extended health plan benefits through your employer, you may be covered directly up to a pre‑determined dollar amount/year. Otherwise, your plan may offer you the option as to how you wish your health care dollars spent, in which case you could opt for specific care as offered through Homeopathy of London. Alternatively, you might have a plan that has a section allowing a certain dollar amount for "Other Services". Whether you have coverage through an extended health care plan or not, you can otherwise still claim services provided by Homeopathy of London under "Medical Expense" on your Income Tax Return.

Please Note: Receipts are provided after each consultation.

Patients Intake Forms

Prior to an initial assessment, new patients are asked to complete the Patient Intake Forms. These forms are designed to help individuals reflect on any and all issues of concern either mentally, emotionally or physically. Some patients also find it helpful to have someone else close to them provide input in the completion of these forms. Patients are asked to please bring these forms to their initial visit.

Please Note: Receipts are provided after each consultation.

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