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John Somerton

John Somerton


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2nd Location Now Open

We now have a satellite location at the London Farmers' & Artisans' Market. Learn more about our Pain Clinic.

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Hosting an Event?
Need a Speaker?

I welcome the opportunity to speak (at no charge) to various Support Groups, Wellness Fairs, etc. on various wellness related topics.

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Silent Auction Gift Certificates

I offer Silent Auction Gift Certificates for Charity Fund Raising, both in terms of a FREE

  • Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification
  • Weight Loss and/or Stop-smoking Consultation

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Helping you achieve
true health... naturally.

Welcome to natural healing in it's purist form; a form that blends healing both as an art and a science, which seeks to restores balance in those who live in imbalance and provide health to those "dis-eased".

The concept of natural healing embraces and encourages the restorative force that resides within all of us, by stimulating the body to heal itself by first addressing imbalances in the body which lead the patient to their diseased state. It honours the role symptoms play in the individual; both being illustrative of an imbalance in the body and at the same time exemplifying the body's attempt at cure. It restores true harmony in the body by first understanding how the body is out of balance and as well the ways in which the body is also trying to heal it self, thus encouraging and honouring healing as initiated in the patient. The simplicity yet true effectiveness of natural healing  speaks to all generations. It is in itself timeless, yet always timely. It is healing the way nature intended!

Welcome to a journey of true healing; a journey that first explores and tries to understand that which ails us, then secondly determines what is then needed to heal us. Welcome to an odyssey of self-discovery, of enlightenment and a true understanding of all that it means to be well!

Yours in true health,
John Somerton

The Natural Alternative in Medicine
Healing The Way Nature Intended



As of April 1, 2015. Homeopathy will be a fully regulated profession in Ontario (Homeopathy Act - 2007). As such,  homeopaths will then be restricted and limited in their scope of practise to just Homeopathy. As much as I have practised classical homeopathy since 1998 (Honours Graduate from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (1998) and Fellowship (1999)), I have also over the years incorporated other various modalities which both complement and enhance my homeopathic treatment of patients. The implementation of the Homeopathy Act - 2007 will limit my ability to both practise homeopathy and at the same time offer other complimentary therapies (of equal value) to my patients. So as of April 1, 2015, I will no longer be practising homeopathy nor will I call myself a "homeopath". Effective April 1, 2015 I will refer to myself as a "physician" and will start using herbal remedies (instead of homeopathic medicines). I will of course continue to also offer a full range of complimentary supplements and therapies (as in the past and as outlined in this website), that enhance the well-being in every individual that comes through the door of Homeopathy of London Inc. I have decided to leave the name of my practice Homeopathy of London Inc., as it has become a well known and respected landmark in alternative medicine in London, Ontario and the surrounding area since 1998 and I'm very proud of what it continues to stand for as we move forward!


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